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Why MoviesByHer? Power to the Audience.

The thing about storytelling is that it requires an audience, otherwise we’d call it something like “a secret”. 


While it seems that the top dogs in Hollywood hold a lot of power these days, MoviesByHer hopes to shed some light to the contrary. It’s actually, in fact, the audience that holds (and should hold) the most power. If a film is successful Hollywood takes note and continues to produce similar films to help guarantee future successes. Conversely if the film fails, the director is often not given a second chance to create again. What is the significance of this? Hollywood producers are making films to meet YOUR demand.


Let's break it down a little further. How does a film succeed or fail? It makes money. All of those people who invested their money get paid back, everyone walks away with a fat paycheck, and maybe even some awards. And how does a film make money? You, the people who watch these films - the audience. Did you see the preview for it and get so excited that you paid to see it in theaters? Did you rent it? Stream it? Binge it continuously on Netflix? Every time you watch a movie you’re informing Hollywood that this movie deserved to be made by voting with your time and money, and that stories like it deserve to continue to be told. Ever find yourself saying something along the lines of, “it seems like Hollywood keeps making the same stuff over and over again”?


So what happens when Hollywood preemptively decides how they feel about a film? They didn't think you, the audience would want to see it, so they didn't give it money. Think about all of those films that you never see go to theaters, but somehow exist on IMDb or Netflix. They might be great films, but they don’t get the star treatment because Hollywood decided it wasn’t worth gambling on in the first place. You’ll most likely never see a preview for them while in the theater or a poster for them on the street. So, how are you supposed to know they exist? How are audiences supposed to find out that Hollywood and filmmakers aren’t just making the same old shit, but there are more films out there to choose from? At MoviesByHer you can find the films Hollywood may not have bet on, and start watching. Let Hollywood know what you're interested in, and what you'd like them to start investing in.


It’s not surprising that most of the blockbuster and big budget films are from underrepresented genders and minorities. When the people who are financing films are largely white, cis, hetero men, they’re most likely going with what speaks to them most, and who’s to argue? We all gravitate toward what speaks to us. But you, the audiences aren’t only white, cis, hetero, men. You’re all sorts of diverse people who empathize with your own diverse stories and deserve a space to find those films.


This is where MoviesByHer comes in. We saw audiences far and wide who are hungry for more than just the next blockbuster, but have no way to find what speaks to them. We have compiled as many of these films as we can for you, because we believe in giving you the opportunity to discover whose stories you want to hear, find more filmmakers who represent you, and even contribute your own. MoviesByHer believes that the value of a story is still reflected by its audience. Our mission is to give the power back to the audiences by giving you as many options as we can so that you may choose what you want. Afterall, we filmmakers don’t want to keep a secret. We want to tell a story.


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